2017 NCA Junior College Champions
2017 NCA Junior College Champions

Recent Accomplishments:

2015-2016 Season

  • 4 people qualify for NCA & UCA Partner Stunts in 2016
  • 2ND and 10th at UCA partner stunts in 2016
  • 2016 NCA College Division II Champions
  • 2016 NCA College Grand Champions
  • 2016 NCA College Partner Stunt National Champion (only junior college to win in 20 years)
  • Competed with TVCC and Worlds teams: WE Generals, CA Wildcats, Cheetahs, Claw6, Panthers
  • 6 won gold, 1 won Silver, and 1 Bronze
  • 17 athletes earned free books with 3.0 GPA or higher (7 with a 4.0)
  • 11 athletes moving on to D1 and D1A colleges

2016-2017 Season

  • 6 people qualify for NCA & UCA Partner Stunts in 2017 bringing home 4th and 10th place
  • 2017 College Junior College National Champions (.03 from Grand Champions)
  • Competed with TVCC and Worlds teams: SOT Reign, Wildcats, Cheetahs, Claw 6, ASR Freedom
  • 5 silver medals, 1 bronze, remaining placed top 10 
  • 22 athletes earned free books with 3.0 GPA or higher
The impact Trinity Valley Community College has made on the cheer world in the last two years is unparalleled. Not only on the college level, but also in the all-star cheerleading world.  The 2015-2016 year was the "stepping on the scene" year with two couples qualifying for both UCA and NCA partner stunts which was the first time since the 90s multiple couples from a junior college qualified for these prestigious events. With one of the couples placing 2nd and the other placing in the top 10.  The athletes didn't waiver at NCA.  They welcomed all the pressure that came along with partner stunts and took a top 5 finish along with winning the NCA Collegiate Partner Stunt title.  It was the first time in over 20 years a couple from a junior college won partner stunts.  TVCC also came away with their 10th NCA Collegiate National Championship and did it with the highest score of the entire competition.  They weren't done there though because a month later the Cheerleading Worlds began and TVCC had athletes on five different Worlds teams. These athletes were juggling between college cheer which is a full-time job itself, school and a completely different team and came out victorious. Six athletes won gold at the 2016 World Championships, one received silver, and one received a bronze to close out their fantastic year.

Everyone thought that the 2015-2016 year was just a good year for TVCC and that it wouldn't be duplicated but what the 2016-2017 year had in store was just phenomenal. During the football season when the "mannequin challenge" was going around, TVCC was all over the internet for the awesome skills performed during the challenge.  They appeared on several news stations and in magazine articles along with being on the news in four different countries.  Then UCA partner stunts came and TVCC had a stellar six people qualify which is the most to qualify from a junior college in the history of college partner stunts. With two couples placing top 10 at UCA, TVCC was off to a great start to a tremendous year. Next stop NCA and NCA partner stunts with the same groups and an amazing team.  For the team competition, the 2017 TVCC Cheer Team won its third back-to-back victory since the College started the cheer program.  Everyone competing in partner stunts placed top fifteen and one alumni couple from TVCC took 2nd place honors capping off what was a year to remember for college cheerleading. The Cheerleading Worlds was one for the books as well with twelve of the twenty-nine athletes on five teams to compete at what is the hardest competition for all-star cheerleading. Five of the athletes received silver medals, one received a bronze, and the remaining were in the top 10 in the world with their teams. What an amazing two years it has been and no one knows what the future holds but it's looking good with the addition of Coach Vontae Johnson.  Head Coach Khris Franklin said adding Vontae has been unreal.  He is an alumni of TVCC, two-time NCA Collegiate Champion, two-time Team USA Coed champion, and has an NCA Collegiate Championship as a coach.  He has a passion, skill set, and knowledge set that has led to some of the most impressive skills TVCC has ever mastered.