WE HAVE A WINNER: Cardinal Cheer takes the challenge

WE HAVE A WINNER: Cardinal Cheer takes the challenge

Cardinal Cheer never backs down from a challenge.

In April, the cheer squad at Trinity Valley Community College answered the call and claimed a 10th NC championship in Daytona Beach, Fla. And, just for good measure, Cardinal Cheer outscored all schools in all divisions to claim a grand championship.

This past Saturday at Bruce Field, another challenge presented itself and the squad responded in a manner that caught the attention of the nation, not just those at Bruce Field for the SWJCFC regional semifinal between the Cardinals and NEO.

Accepting The Mannequin Challenge, the latest online craze, Cardinal Cheer froze in their stunts, as choreographed by squad member Matt Torres, and earned legendary status.
Video of the impressive version of the Mannequin Challenge was posted online by squad member Jeremy Seiver and immediately went viral. Initially, it received over 23,000 retweets and 39,000 likes. The video, which has been posted by ESPN and other national outlets, has now reportedly been viewed millions and millions (approximately six million) of times.

The video has also made its way to television, making air on area and DFW television stations, as well as syndicated shows.

Wonder if "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" will be calling? Cardinal Cheer would be up to that challenge as well.